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Why Choose Us

There are many survey sites online, so why choose us?

There are good reasons why you seriously need to choose and register with us:

  • Unlike most survey sites, we have taken our time and invested in the most effective and reliable systems with you in mind. We not only provide you with a safe and secure survey site; we also make available to you thousands of surveys that you can complete or get completed on your behalf at any time. Furthermore, we accept registration from all countries in the world.

  • We are very different from other survey sites; instead of a single money making channel such as CPA, PPD or GPT, we combine all these into one solution, which guarantees you higher earnings that you would receive from a site that only provides one channel.

  • Registering with us does not limit the avenues through which you can earn. Apart from completing surveys or getting the same completed on your behalf, we also provide you with a Link Locker, a feature that allows you to transform any link of your preference that allows others to complete surveys before they can read your content. This is certainly a clever way of getting others complete surveys for you.

  • One great benefit you are bound to gain by creating an account with is the minimum amount of money you can cash out at any given time. We do not impose any payout limit. You can actually payout as low as $0.01 if you so wish.

  • Our referral program is simply the highest paying. At 12% life time referral program, the amount of money you can make is very high.

  • To make it possible for you to refer as many people as possible, we provide you with a unique tracking link that you can promote over the Internet, a link that gives others the opportunity to complete surveys of which the credit goes to your account.

  • There is no time that you will log into your account and fail to find surveys waiting for you to complete. We do have over 4,000 international marketing surveys at any given time.

  • We have a very progressive rewarding system in place that ensures that all your activities on our site count toward the success of your survey taking business. You earn experience and points not only for your actions but also actions of others you provide with a link and complete surveys. Such rewards are very beneficial because they level you up, opening up other money-making avenues. One of such avenues is the "contestor", which makes it possible for you to participate in the regular contests that we make available. Participants in such contests are must have attained a pre-determined level or have outstanding performance.