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the first CPA-PPD-GPT Network


What is Ultra Pay?

Ultra Pay is an online survey portal from where you can take surveys and get paid for your opinion.

How different is Ultra pay from other survey sites?

Ultra Pay differs greatly from other survey sites. Unlike other survey sites that only provide you with one avenue through which to make money, Ultra Pay offers a unique money-making solution that combines CPA, PPD and GPT methods. The 3 in 1 combination guarantees you high payments not only for your opinion but also for opinion of those you invite into the network.

How many surveys does Ultra Pay provide?

Ultra Pay provides international surveys aswell. This means that the number of surveys available at any given time is simply huge. On average, over 4,000 surveys are normally available.

How can i contact Ultra Pay?

You can easily contact Ultra Pay’s Support Team through the site. You need to indicate your name, email address and telephone number.

Does Ultra Pay have a referral program?

Yes. Ultra Pay has an elaborate referral program that is very attractive. For everyone you refer and creates an account with us, you get to earn 12% of all his/her earnings. To make it attractive, you earn the same for a lifetime.

Does Ultra Pay have a reward system?

Yes. Ultra Pay has a rewarding system that is progressive. Progressive in that you get rewarded for almost all your actions on the site. You are bound to earn points from the number of surveys you complete or completed by others. Gaining such points levels you up, meaning that you have access to other features and benefits that you would not access while in a lower level. For instance, leveling up reduces the number of days you need to wait before receiving payout requested.

What currency does Ultra Pay use?

Ultra Pay the US$ as its official currency. However, Ultra Pay also uses its unique U$ (Ultra dollar) when valuing its points and other rewards. In this regard, 100U$ = $1.

What is the average pay for every survey completed?

Ultra Pay offers very attractive pay for every survey completed. On average, the pay is $2. Considering the fact that you have access to thousands of surveys, you have a very good opportunity to make good money completing many surveys, which when added to your referral commissions can be very significant.

Do I qualify to register with Ultra Pay?

Unlike most survey sites, Ultra pay accepts survey takers from across the globe. This simply means that you indeed qualify to register with us as long as you are of age, have an email address and can receive online payments.

How do I register with Ultra pay?

Registering with Ultra Pay is simple and straight forward. You only need to go to www.ultrapay.org to register. You need to indicate your real name, email address, country, postal address, payment method and payment method email address. You are also required to indicate how you will be able to drive online traffic to the site. Ultra Pay’s Support Team thereafter sends an email with a link to your email address to your email address for authentification. Clicking on the link therein authenticates your details. You however need for a maximum of 48 hours before your account is activated, paving the way for you to start taking surveys and referring others.

What does Ultra Pay’s payment system work?

Like with registration, Ultra Pay’s payment method is simple and straight forward. There are no prohibitive restrictions as you can withdraw as little as $0.01 at any time. However, you will need to wait for 30 days before you can receive withdrawn money in case yours is a new account. Ultra Pay makes it easy for you to reduce the number of days in which you can receive your payment. Completing more surveys and leveling up can reduce the number of days you need to wait to as short as 5 days. Driving a lot of online traffic onto Ultra Pay’s site can reduce the period to a single day.

What payment system does Ultra Pay support?

Ultra Pay currently gives its members three options through which they can receive payments; PayPal, Payza (formerly Alert Pay) and Wire Transfer.