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About Us

General overview of our GPT - CPA Network

We are perhaps the only reputable online survey network site from where you can build successful online money making business. With the hybrid technology that we have put in place in marketing surveys, there is no limit as to how much you can earn.

Our network offers you a unique way of earning high revenues by bringing together CPA, PPD and GPT marketing methods, which guarantees high revenues. Note that other survey sites will only make use of one of the networks.

  1. CPA Network - By incorporating this method, we make it possible for you to promote our site directly and because you are bound to direct a lot of traffic to our site by making our links available to many, we reward you handsomely with higher commission payouts.
  2. PPD Network - We give you the opportunity to post links on social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other Forums. When clicked upon, the links allow users to complete surveys on your behalf.
  3. GPT Network - We make available thousands of surveys for you to complete on a daily basis, ensuring that you have a continuous flow of work. We pay you handsomely for every survey that you complete ($2 per survey). We also pay you for all your activities on our site.

Our Referral Program

Our referral program is one of the most attractive compared to that of other surveys sites. At a massive 12% for all earnings of those you refer and register with us, no other survey site comes close to what we pay in form of commissions, which is for a life time.

Our referral system is particularly beneficial if you intend to take up completing surveys as your main online business. The fact that our membership is drawn from across the globe gives you a very good opportunity to refer as many people as possible from across the world, which can promote your business in a great way.

The fact that we not only allow you to make minimal withdrawals but process payouts in record time as well also means that you can receive your commission payments in good time just in case you are short of cash.

Our New Leveling System

To differentiate us from other survey sites, we have developed a unique rewarding system for your benefit. Just in the same way that other types businesses expand and realize increased revenues, our leveling system ensures that your online survey-taking business also expands, in effect increasing your earnings.

Our leveling system works in such a way that you climb to the next level as you complete more surveys and gain valuable experience. The number of surveys you complete or completed by others on your behalf and the experience you gain earn you points. Reaching a pre-determined experience milestone levels you up. Reaching a specific level guarantees you bonuses into your account.

Every bonus you receive has a bearing on several factors. One of these is the increase in your payout percentage for every survey you complete or completed by others on your behalf. A bonus you receive can also reduce your payout time. We designed our leveling system to ensure that you gain life time benefits for all the bonuses you receive.

Apart from leveling system, you also receive achievement awards by either completing a determined number of surveys or attaining a determined level. All these are automatically reflected on your account profile, something you will need to constantly work on to not only improve your business but your earnings as well.

Our Cash out System

We know that you will want your money in good time to meet recurrent expenses. To enable you operate your business smoothly, our system allows you to withdraw as little as $0.01. The fact that our average pay for every survey completed is $1 means that you will never withdraw such kind of money.

Because establishing a survey business with us is not only reliable but also secure, we want to ensure that all our members are genuine and operate genuine survey-taking businesses. For this reason, you are obligated to wait for 30 days before you can receive payouts requested. This however only applies for newly opened accounts. It will be your responsibility from there on to minimize the time in which you can receive payouts. This you can easily do by leveling up, which can reduce your payout period to 5 days.

Apart from leveling up, other ways through which you can significantly reduce your payout period is to complete more surveys or get them completed on your behalf or bring in a large amount of leads per day, which can reduce your payout period to as short as one day.

Ultra Pay's Currency

Although Ultra Pay's official currency is the US$, it uses its own Ultra Pay Currency (U$) in placing values to its points. Note that you can easily convert points gained to cash.

Conversion: 100U$ = $1.

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