3 in One

the first CPA-PPD-GPT Network
Complete surveys

Complete Surveys

Earn Big Completing Surveys

You now have the opportunity to earn big by completing surveys and offers by simply registering with Ultra Pay, the first CPA - PPD - GPT network online. Your earnings are not limited to the number of surveys or offers you complete; you also have the opportunity to maximize your earnings by inviting others through an elaborate and highly efficient referral program. With an average payout of $2 for every survey you complete or you get completed by others and more than 1,000 offers at any given time, the amount of money you can earn is significant.

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Earn Money

Referral Commission

Invite Others to Maximize Your Earnings

Ultra Pay runs a very unique referral program that guarantees you life time commission payments on all registered accounts maintained by those you invite into the network. You are entitled to 12% on every invitee earnings, which can be pretty high. This simply means that referring many of your friends, colleagues and family members guarantees you a very handsome life time commission payments.

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